Red Cape Productions


Our Philosophy

We are RedCape. A visual production company that aspires to produce creative and engaging videos, we believe that we do. 

Everyone has a story to tell, whether it's about success, a great service from a business or just to entertain, our minds are engineered to engage with a story. When it is visualised on screen, the engagement is increased tenfold. 

We all have storytelling embedded deep inside us, whether you're telling someone about a situation that happened to  you or describing something you've seen, you are telling a story. We believe that the core of a good video is it's story. If it isn't interesting or engaging, the video won't be either. You may be thinking, 'my business is boring, people nod off when I talk about it', well we know how to make any subject interesting, it's all about the angle you look at it. We specialise in creating a concept that defines what you do whilst entertaining viewers, making your video memorable, which in turn makes your brand memorable. 

Our History

Back in 2008, in the seaside town of Weymouth, Sean and Ralph began as colleagues at Bournemouth University. Whilst working on various projects together, they soon discovered they had a great working relationship, each with their own individual skills that complemented the other, and, most importantly, a shared vision when it came to video. 

Once they had graduated, the logical decision was to continue working together. They began by collaborating with a music producer who had his own professional recording facilities, they became Infinite Possibilities Recording Studios, offering the whole package; music production, recording and the production of a music video to be released with the track. With a focus on the industry, they noticed the rapid increase in online video marketing. More and more businesses were seizing the opportunity to get ahead of the competition by having a video on their website. Whilst businesses competed for better SEO, video became one of the best ways to push a website up the Google search results, partly due to Google owning YouTube. It was in this market that Sean and Ralph found their niche. It allowed them to create videos that would compete on the global market. With this, RedCape Productions was born. 

Our Team

Experienced media professionals striving to create interesting and engaging video. 

With Sean and Ralph at the helm, RedCape continues to push the boundaries of digital film making and video marketing. One of their key members is Ryan, their dedicated marketing professional. With his expertise, RedCape are not only able to produce a great video, they can get that video into the right places by combining it with marketing strategies and SEO that can get your company noticed on a global scale. 

Due to the nature of video production, the size of a project can vary drastically. RedCape have a large team of professionals on stand-by that can be called in to assist with any production. Every person involved has a specific role that they specialise in. From set designers and art directors to runners and caterers, they are all there to help achieve a top quality production


Our Key Members

Ralph Crofton

Ralph Crofton

Company Director

My role as company director, is to oversee the business; how it is managed on a day to day basis and the growth potential. Monitoring progress and developing strategies that help RedCape to achieve its business potential. On a project, I will work out the logistics and monitor the execution, working as the lead cameraman and editor to ensure every project meets our high standards.

My passion lies in the edit. I love seeing a video come together, creating the right flow that keeps your audience engaged. There is nothing better than seeing that initial idea turn into a 3-dimensional video that exceeds your expectations.


Sean Brady

Sean Brady

Creative Director

My role as creative director is to visualise every project and its potential. Taking the simplest idea and turning it into something wonderful. Over this process you will see your video grow and come to life. Through a detailed storyboard, I will outlay every step of the video to the team so everyone can visualise the project.

Film is my passion, my love and my food it gives me the chance to create, create and create some more. I love writing and coming up with new ideas and exploring my creative capacity.


Ryan Grist

Ryan Grist


My role as marketing director is to ensure you get the most out of your finished video. Optimising it for the web and search results. Putting your video where you want it to be and targeting it to your audience.

I started as a Graphic Designer 18 years ago, learning my trade at global Ad agency McCann Erickson. I worked on global brands alongside some of the best in the industry. I now concentrate on offering an all-round marketing service, helping brands with their brand presence, awareness and getting their product out to the masses.

I love seeing business owners exceed their expectations!