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Ortwin Thyssen Master Jewellery Maker

FFX Tool Show 2015 Timelapse

FFX Tool Show 2015

GADDS’ The Ramsgate Brewery


Life In Your Years

Business Computer Solutions

Legend Live - Give It All

Margate Carnival 2013

Lumpsum - Trusting You (ft. Maya Wolff)

Justin Gilday - The Hive

BCS - Testimonials

Justin Gilday - They Crush Beetles Don’t They

Don’t Give In To Bullies

Charlie Dickens - The Stalk

Margate Meltdown 2013

Margate Brewery - Crowd-funding

Thanet Business Network

Legend Live - Look How Long

Reconnected - One In A Million

Star Divine - Standing Tall Again

Legend Live - Live at the Akamba

Margate Soul Weekend 2012

The Property Tree