Red Cape Productions


We believe there are 10 stages to a successful video. Here's an outline of them below.


Stage 1 - Developing a Brief

This is the initial meeting, when we sit down with you and discuss the type of video you need.

Here we will define the type of video you need; whether it is for marketing or internal purposes, who the target audience is and where it will be played.

This also gives us a chance to find out more about your business, to help us understand your ethos and what it is you do. From the first step of producing your video we want to ensure that the end product becomes a part of your business.


Stage 2 - Proposals

After the initial meeting we will go away and develop ideas based on the information you have given us. If you have a clear vision of the type of video you are after we will present you with an initial proposal, once you are happy we will proceed.

If you are unsure on the angle you want the video to take we will present you with a series of concepts to choose from in a manner that helps you visualise the finished product. This will allow you to choose a video that you are happy with whilst still open to your input.

It is essential that at this stage we both have a clear vision of the final video.


Stage 3 - Storyboard

The storyboard is your video in pictures, this becomes a guide for the whole production which is relayed to the team so everyone can visualise and understand the project. We will present this to you to ensure that the style and concept reflects your expectations. A storyboard helps to minimise amendments and surprises once the video is complete.


Stage 4 - Logistics

At this stage we will accurately plan and schedule the production, sourcing all the necessary resources and locations. This includes hosting auditions, sourcing equipment, costumes and anything else required to ensure the content of the video matches the storyboard.


Stage 5 - Production

This is the capturing of that all important footage that makes your video. Each stage leading up to this is essential for a smooth production, usually there are many people involved in this stage so it is of paramount importance that the planning is accurate and the production runs to schedule.

We gladly welcome a member of your team to be technical adviser for the production process to ensure any information is accurate and is being presented in the right way.


Stage 6 - The Edit

 This is where the magic happens, where we see your video come together. The video is assembled in accordance with the storyboard and a first draft is completed. We will ensure that any text, graphics and colours are identical to your brand to ensure that the video is your video.


Stage 7 - Audio Production

Our sound technician will receive a copy of the edit, he will then produce an original music score to enhance the piece and provide any sound effects where necessary.


Stage 8 - Amendments

We will send you a private link to view the first cut of the video where you can suggest changes and alterations where necessary. As standard we allow for 2 rounds of amendments, any further changes will be chargeable.


Stage 9 - Upload and Marketing

Once the video has been signed off by you, we will send over the video in either an .mp4 or .mov format. We can assist with the upload to your preferred hosting site (typically YouTube or Vimeo), optimise the tags for SEO and show you how you can monitor the traffic through the analytics on the sites. If you want to take your video further, we have a dedicated marketing director who can push the video to various online advertising platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook and Adwords for video.


Stage 10 - Aftermarket Check-back

A few months after the production is complete we will contact you to see how the video is getting on and what success it is bringing you. We are always there for any queries relating to the video. We want to ensure that you get the maximum exposure for your business.